START: A 28 Hour Start Up Obstacle Course

START will challenge you to think creatively. We designed a series of workshops based around the values of entrepreneurship, each followed by a challenge. Whether you own a business or not, START will teach you to think critically and solve problems.

We know you want to grow your business. We know you’ve been looking for the best ways to do that. The random videos you find online just haven’t been cutting it. You need real world, hands on learning. That’s why we built Start: A 28 Hour Startup Obstacle Course that will challenge you creatively and teach you the skills necessary to really grow.

We’ve designed a series of workshops and challenges on the following topics:

  • Blog/Content

  • Branding

  • Customer Discovery

  • Innovation

  • Networking/Social Proof

  • Photo/Captions

  • Sales

  • Sales Funnel

  • Social Media

The workshops we’ve built are geared towards the real skills and knowledge you’ll need to succeed in the real world. But we’ve designed the challenges in a way that gamifies the content, and makes it interactive and fun. If you’ve ever been to a Hatch event, you know how we get down. This won’t be a boring series of seminars with a ton of lazy content peppered with buzz words that will leave you feeling discontent. No no no, these challenges will get you FIRED UP and ready to take over the world.


10 Challenges

over 28 hours to test your entrepreneurial spirit against other teams and individuals.



Pitch your business ideas to the audience in the first and last round


Secret Elements

Just like business, these secret elements will keep you on your feet!

Nov. 6 & 7,  Slover Libary

In Norfolk, VA

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