The 3rd Annual State of the Startup Community Address

Slover Library. January 26, 2017.  5:00 PM

We Won’t Accept Being Stagnant.

We took a huge hit this year. In the Kauffman Foundation Startup Activity ranking we dropped 14 spots because our region got passed by dozens of others. We aren’t packing up our bags and moving to Kansas City (yeah, Kansas City even passed us). We’re not going to sit back and just accept that our region is falling behind. We’ve put in some serious hours researching the problem, the solution, and our collective next steps.

At the State of the Startup Community Address, we’ll break down our wins, our loses, a fresh strategy, and an action plan. It takes all of us here in the community to get back on track. We all play a role in this and we’ll help you find out how you can help. We hope you’ll join us at our third State of the Startup Community Address because we’ve got a lot of work to do.

This year at SSCA, we’re looking for the

Here are your nominees:

John Porter

Handsome Biscuit

Maya Warburton Holihan

House Of Maya Bridal

Xerxes Nabong

Escape Room Virginia

Previous State of the Startup Community Addresses

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