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In 2010, Zack was growing a technology company and didn’t know what to do, where to network, how to get clients or even how to convince prospects he knew what he was talking about. And to be honest, he didn’t. Yet. He was fresh into his rejuvenated career in business from a career in journalism. Although he didn’t have a business degree or “business” skills, he was hungry, willing and immersed himself into the business world. Specifically, startups.

He took his network of zero in the business world and converted it into a successful one by becoming the youngest leader on the Inside Business Power List to being featured in Entrepreneur Magazine as a contributor to the rise of the Norfolk Startup Community. He did this by listening, meeting and hustling, to learn from others and raised his hand. Zack knew that business would be tough, but if he stuck around, was patient and went after his goals, he would accomplish them.

He’s done this by finding holes in markets by using unique tools to get his target’s attention. The standard tools and leaders all mean well, but in the world of business you need to be different to succeed. Starting educational meetups, wearing jeans and a t-shirt, plus actually communicating with people – walking up and introducing himself, contributed to his differentiation.

While growing a handful of companies, Zack has also invested in a several of them and has hosted or organized one thousand business meetups and events, and now hosts a weekly business show on educating businesses.

An MBA is not needed to be successful in business, having the tools and the fortitude to push through is. Through his platform for businesses, Hatch, Miller has helped thousands of businesses and through it launched an online resource company called 1000 Four.


Zack’s Bio

Zack Miller is an entrepreneur, author, internet personality and mayor of “Hustle City”. He has over two decades of business experience in starting, investing, advising, mentoring and growing thousands of companies or projects. After his own successful pursuit into the entrepreneurship realm, Zack launched Hatch in Norfolk, VA. This put him on the map as an expert in the startup community. Zack and the Hatch platform prove to be problem solvers for business owners – both startup and established companies.
Zack believes, “At the end of the day we have one belief: Everyone should control the path to the future they desire”. His mission is to provide the ecosystem for entrepreneurs to thrive within, by creating a springboard for them to test, start, launch and grow their businesses. He continues to spread his mission through a weekly business television program that he hosts.

Zack Miller speaking at a TEDx event


Recent Talks


Topics and Headlines:

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  • 3 Ways To Hustle Your Way Into An Opportunity
  • How I Went From Hosting A Startup Event To Hustling My Way Onto Hosting A TV Show
  • An Entrepreneur’s Guide To An MBA

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