Todd Kletz :: One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning :: 029


5 takeaways from this episode:


  • How to keep up to date in your 38 year old business
  • How not to lose six figures in your marketing
  • Customer Service should be drilled into employees no matter the industry
  • How to hire technical talent when you are not savvy enough in the industry
  • How to work on a seasonal business in the off season


Classic Air began September 1st of 1979 by Alan Heckel and Todd Kletz, with one goal: providing our heating and air conditioning customers with timely and exceptional service. In 2004, Classic Air joined One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning in order to improve and expand our service to include all of Hampton Roads. Entrepreneur Magazine had recognized them as one of their, “Top New Franchises” due to their explosive growth, exceptional organization, and commitment to serving customers on-time.




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