Groundwork :: Jason Towns :: 023


3 takeaways from this episode:


  • How communities can take control of their narrative
  • Less than 2% of black founders raise venture capital
  • Underrepresented communities haven’t begun to solve their problems — huge opportunity

Filling the gaps of underrepresented cities across the country with entrepreneurship


Jason leads, a D.C. & Oakland based startup accelerator and seed fund focused on supporting emergent market entrepreneurs. Jason launched national initiatives such as CODE2040’s Entrepreneur in Residence Program, a Google-backed startup accelerator providing funding & support to founders from Black and Latinx communities. As the co-founder, Jason advises civic leaders, tech inclusion orgs & tech hubs on access to capital and building startup ecosystems. Jason sits on a number of boards, including the African Economic Expansion Network (AEEN), the Congressional Research Institute of Social Work and Policy (CRISP). & The Releaf Group.



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