Danny Rubin :: Wait, How Do I Write This Email :: 044

In this episode:

  • Don’t write a book that only makes money in the first six months
  • Always send two copies of your book to influencers, one for the shelf and one for them to pass along
  • Use tools to learn how different pieces fit into your business
  • Create evergreen content solution to the problems your visitors are searching for in blog format
  • Your author page should tell a story/narrative

Danny Rubin is an award-winning author and speaker trusted by students and working professionals for my practical advice on writing, networking and interpersonal skills. https://dannyhrubin.com/

He is the author of Wait, How Do I Write This Email

https://www.amazon.com/Wait-How-Write-This-Email/dp/0996349928/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1473637948&sr=8-2&keywords=wait+how+do+i+write+this+email+by+danny+rubin and Wait, How Do I Promote My Business.



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