Daniel Parisi :: Startup Somerset :: 042


3 takeaways from this episode:

  • The coal industry had “Google-like” social capital — aka the Silicon Valley that every city is looking for
  • Creating innovation within a company
  • Understanding and defining what expectations a new business accelerator needs

Somerset County Economic Development Council (SCEDC) is a non-profit organization who has been promoting economic development and job creation in Somerset County since 1957. We pride ourselves on the promotion and expansion of industrial, commercial, and retail businesses in Somerset County by helping new companies locate within the county, while continually assisting existing companies. http://www.scedc.net/




Daniel Parisi is a regional leader and the principal point of contact for entrepreneurs in Somerset County, PA. Delivering confidential, result-based, and sincere consultative services to entrepreneurs, idealists, disruptors, and recently-formed companies. https://www.linkedin.com/in/parisidan/


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Full details: https://startwithhatch.com/1000four 

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