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3 takeaways from this episode:


  • Averaging 7.25 new jobs per company
  • How they expanding into 4 locations across the Research Triangle
  • One of 9 Google For Entrepreneurs Communities

Campus for entrepreneurs helps 275 business grow with 2,000+ new jobs since inception. Google For Entrepreneurs Tech Hub. Space. Community. Resources


The American Underground launched in 2010 in the basement of the Strickland Building on the American Tobacco Campus, North Carolina’s largest historic renovation project. This project totaled over one million square feet of space and transformed what was once an eyesore of abandoned tobacco warehouses into a bustling hub for entrepreneurs. The American Underground has one location in Raleigh and three locations in downtown Durham, N.C. – a city that is capturing the national imagination with its Silicon Valley vibe and location just minutes from the world-famous Research Triangle Park.

Adam Klein loves seeing communities transformed through the deep and thoughtful engagement of a creative business community. He enjoys being involved in organizations that think outside of business norms to drive new campaigns and initiatives that bring opportunity and wealth to a city. For the past eight years, Klein has had the good fortune of being shaped and influenced by such organizations, thinkers and doers in Durham-Raleigh, NC.



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