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A few years back I was growing a business, I didn’t really know where to start. I asked around and I kept hearing try this or try that, but as a 26 year old, I didn’t think the answer was right. There was nowhere to go to help me start or grow my business, and show me the ropes. The more I thought about it and talked to others around, I realized this wasn’t just my problem. There was no place for any new entrepreneur to go. Or an established veteran business owner is looking to stay on top of their game! And even when there is something close, the context is off. I don’t want to learn how to do something from a professor who has never done it themselves.


I started Hatch to solve this problem.


At the end of the day we have one belief: Entrepreneurship should be accessible to everyone. Hatch is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs from every background, in every industry, and in every business stage. We provide the essential know-how, latest on-the-ground insight, and battle-tested resources from a truly interdisciplinary group of business experts. We’ve also built a community to let you collaborate with other entrepreneurs, and get answers in real time.


You’re not alone in your journey, we’ll have your back.


Let’s get your #HustleCity on,



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What is 1000 Four?

If you made it this far, you’ve probably heard of 1000 Four, and you’re probably wondering “What in the world does 1000 Four mean?”


Well a few years ago, I was invited to sit in on a meeting to discuss how to best help our local economy. Someone in the group mentioned that if the region could just bring in 4 companies with 1000 employees each everything should be great. That didn’t sit well with me. I knew there had to be a better way. I was already helping local entrepreneurs grow their businesses at Hatch, but that comment changed my mindset. I realized that growing 1000 companies to four employees big wouldn’t be as good as their strategy. It would be better. Growing 1000 companies with four employees would be more diverse, more nimble, more grassroots, and more local. Instead of 3996 employees, we would have 1000 business owners. With a community of entrepreneurs instead of a community of employees our economy would be able to pivot to economic changes, there’d be more self-reliant individuals, and most importantly we’d be helping out the little guy. Instead of aiding some corporate guys from out of town, we would be helping out our neighbors. So we set out to do that with Hatch.


We’ve created a platform for entrepreneurs to learn from one another, to enable everyone to start and grow a business, and to put the fate of your business and your community in your hands. That platform is 1000Four. Over the past few years we’ve had the privilege of helping thousands of companies and communities. Let us know how we can help.

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Meet the team:

Zack Miller

Founder, Growth Master
Zack Miller is an entrepreneur, author and television/internet personality who has over two decades of business experience in starting, investing, advising, mentoring and growing over six hundred companies or projects. These companies have made millions of dollars, been publicly traded, hustled to six figures of annual revenues or failed and realized business isn’t for them.

Contact Zack at Zack@startwithhatch.com

  • Growth Strategy 85%
  • Sales 85%
  • Bootstraping 80%

Dave Ritt

Creative Director
He makes things.

  • Marketing 85%
  • Design 75%
  • Branding 90%

Paul Rice

Communications Director

Paul is a jack-of-all-trades, bringing fresh ideas to every project he gets his hands on. He’s the go-to wordsmith and employs those skills on just about everything.

Contact Paul at Paul@startwithhatch.com

  • Wordsmithing 95%
  • Marketing 75%
  • Community Development 80%

Deany Dormer

Event Coordinator
Deany helps coordinate all of Hatch’s events, meetups, and workshops, through her 2 decades of experience in event planning and management.

  • Event Management 85%
  • Marketing 70%
  • Event Structure 90%


Office Manager
Ashebrooke’s main responsibility is to keep the office safe and secure. By barking at everything that walks by, he challenges the other employees to be fast on their feet to stop him.

  • Barking 98%
  • Begging for food 99%
  • Getting into the trash 80%

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