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We are dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs from every background, in every industry, and in every business stage. When you’ve got questions in the middle of the night, we’ve got answers. On-demand resources that are actually actionable from a truly diverse group of business experts. Collaborate with other entrepreneurs, and get answers in real time. The entrepreneurship experience is unique and we’ve got unique solutions.

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Entrepreneurship for Everyone

You don’t need a degree in business to start a business. Learn how you can become a business expert without leaving your house.

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We’re constantly updating the 1000 Four library with new videos, templates, webinars, and more. See for yourself!

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You don’t know everything and that’s okay. You don’t have to be a business jack-of-all-trades. In fact, the best entrepreneurs are continuously learning. We’ve got live and on-demand educational tools to help you get answers when you need them.


The journey of growing a business is tough especially on your own. Other entrepreneurs understand the struggles you face more than friends and family. We’ve built that community so you can share your experiences with people who get it.

1000 Four Enterprise

Entrepreneurs are crucial to modern economic development. Hatch has set out to help communities grow 1000 four-employee businesses through a scalable investment in human capital. Want to bring 1000 Four to your city?

Hear it from our current customers.

My connection to Hatch quickly resulted in a speaking engagement, a newspaper article, and a TV segment. Not only have measurable things like sales and web traffic increased, but my determination and confidence have grown as well.

– Jeanne Fiocca

Founder, Cookie Text

I was able to get honest criticism and feedback by being surrounding by entrepreneurs and business owners who can understand the struggles I was going through. I would never have been able to reach my goal without 1000 Four.

– Nathan Tschohl

Founder, swim nerd

I was able to use 1000 Four to teach my team how to maintain a business so i could grow it and not be working in the day-to-day operations, but rather on its growth.

– Xerxes Nabong

Founder, Escape Room Virginia

1000 Four helped be broaden my customer base and gave me some great exposure and good leads. My business has really taken off since joining.

– Jeremy Johnson

Founder, John Rich Media

So you want to grow your business?

So you want to grow your business?

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